Privacy policy
Privacy Policy for Weway application and webpage

Your privacy and integrity are important to us and our goal is to be as clear as possible about the way we collect, process and use Personal Data. You should be able to trust us and feel safe in our processing of Personal Data. We promise that Weway will never sell, transfer or otherwise allow anyone else to access your Personal Information without your consent or beyond the expressly stated in this Privacy Policy. We aim to write as clear terms as possible. Feel free to contact us with suggestions on how to improve us.


These Terms and Conditions (“Privacy Policy”) apply to the Services (“Services”) that we provide through our app Weway (“App”), our website (“Website”), as well as our corporate services: Workshops, our valuation summary ( “compilation”). We who provide the Service are Weway AB, organization number 559132-3901 (“we” or “us”). For a detailed description of our services, see the Terms of Service Weway (“Terms of Service”).

We want you to understand what Personal Data we collect, how we use these, and who we may share your Personal Information with. If you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, please accept these. It is a requirement to use the service.

The personal data policy has three main purposes:

1. Explain which Personal Data we collect and how they are used.

2. Explain whether any Personal Data is shared with any third party and, if so, why and to whom.

3. Explain our responsibilities and your rights.

By “Personal Information” we mean information directly or indirectly attributable to a specific person, such as name and address, but also possible IP addresses, location information or health information. Below we describe what information we collect that may include your Personal Information.


In order for the Service to work properly and to be meaningful to you as a user, we need to collect certain Personal Information. We collect and process the following Personal Information about you: email, name and gender.


In addition to the aforementioned information, we also collect other information you share with us in your use of the Service, for example, what values ​​you have and how you rate your compliance with your values. This information is never used on an individual basis but only at aggregated level. and therefore can never be linked to you as individual.

When using the app, certain information will be retrieved automatically, such as information about your use of the Service, location data, network and device performance information, language and identification and operating system information, as well as other technical information about your device such as the model and type of phone that used. We may use Cookies and similar technology to collect these data. For more information about using Cookies, see section 6 below.



We will process the Personal Data We Collect for the following purposes;

1. Deliver the Service and ensure that the Service is functioning.

2. Analyze the use of the Service to improve the Service and develop new products and services.

3. Manage your account and use of the Service, as well as communicate with you, for example, through notifications and e-mail.

4. Inform us of our updates to the Service and Terms of Service.

5. Market The service and other services or products, either inside or outside the Service, including features and content of the Service, and products and services provided through the Service.

6. As stated in this Privacy Policy.

For marketing purposes, we always take our users’ privacy and integrity seriously. Data will always be aggregated with other data.

We will save your Personal Information as long as you have an account on the Service. Common tasks for you and a partner are available for both of you as long as you chose to be connected. If one of you choose to disconnect your account from the other there will be no access to the common information for neither one of you. The information is saved if you would regret the disconnection and want to reconnect you again. If you contact us, we will permanently destroy your personal information, including all common information you shared with partners.

Your privacy and integrity are very important to us and we understand that the information you share with us through your use of the app is private. We will process your Personal Information as you share with us with the utmost care and in accordance with this Privacy Policy as well as applicable laws and regulations.


We are constantly developing the Service to improve the content. When using the Service, you will both write current texts as well as rate compliance with what has been determined. When your data is collected, it is always unannounced and can not be linked to you as a user. Based on this collected data compiled with other data, the Service will be able to draw some overall conclusions. An example of a conclusion is that you may have graded your compliance with the values ​​lower in January than the other months, and most others have done so too. Then our conclusion is that it is the minimum compliance with its values ​​in January this year in general. The conclusions are thus always aggregated (combined with other data) and completely unrelated to specific individuals. ( “Description”). Descriptions do not include information about which specific persons who participated or any other personal information associated with what you have been told. The ability to draw these conclusions allows us to draw conclusions that we can improve the service from outside. We want to ask even better questions and make the service easier and more effective for you. In order to succeed, we need to learn about relationships regarding values, challenges and compliance, and therefore your Descriptions will be used to help us draw conclusions that can improve the service.

The procedure is such that your Descriptions are mixed with Descriptions from all users, approved to use their Descriptions for this purpose. Therefore, there are only descriptions; As mentioned above, names of people or other information associated with what you told not to be displayed appear.


Below we describe how the Personal Data collected can be shared by you or by us to third parties. Please note that Weway is always responsible for your Personal Information and that no third party receives any additional rights than we receive under this Privacy Policy.


We may occasionally share your Personal Information with service providers in order for them to perform certain tasks on our behalf, process user data, and contribute to delivering the Service, which is in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the specific purposes described above in Section 3 . If a third party processes Personal Data on our behalf, it is bound by security and confidentiality requirements that comply with applicable law.


We strive to keep your Personal Data within the EU / EEA and we transfer, process and store Personal Information about our users on servers through Amazon Web Services.

We may also outsource the processing to subcontractors or share your Personal Information with third parties in countries other than your home country within and outside the EU / EEA. For example, your personal data may be stored by Amazon Web Services on non-EU / EEA servers at shutdown and for security storage. Your Personal Data may therefore be subject to personal data protection laws that differ from the laws of your home country and which may give lower protection to your Personal Information.

If we change the platform for processing your Personal Data and / or where your Personal Information is stored, we will update this policy. We will notify you in that case, for more information about this, see section 5 below.


In addition to the above, we may use, store and share your Personal Information with third parties in order to:

1 Allow a merger, acquisition or sale of all or part of our assets, which means that we may transfer your Personal Data to the new owners so that they may continue to provide the Service or otherwise use the Personal Data.

2 Respond to legal requests (eg search queries, court decisions, moods or the like) or when it is necessary to detect, prevent and address fraud and other criminal activity, to protect ourselves, you and other users, including as part of An investigation if we are in good faith as required by applicable law. The above may include answering legal requests from non-EU / EEA jurisdictions, where we believe that the response is required by law in the relevant jurisdiction, affects users in this jurisdiction and is in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

3 Publish unidentified or aggregated information about the use of the Service or other conclusions that may be deducted from the use of the Service.

Personal data may be used and stored for an extended period of time than mentioned in Section 3 when the information is subject to legal inquiry or obligation, government investigation or investigation regarding possible violations of our Terms of Service or Policy, or otherwise to prevent damage.


When you’ve linked your account with another user in the app, all data will be displayed to both users. You have through the active action to request or approve pairing approved the sharing of data with the other party. When one party chooses to terminate the account, the access to the shared information for both parties disappears. The information is available for re-opening the account if you regret it. If you want to delete all information linked to you permanently, you can request it and we will do this promptly. This also includes the common information you’ve had with others.


We may make changes to this Privacy Policy. If we make significant changes, we will inform you based on what is appropriate with regard to the circumstances, such as by announcement on the website or by e-mail. If required by law, we will ask for your consent.


You have the right to ask about the personal information about yourself that exists with us, where these data were retrieved and to which recipients the information is provided. You are entitled to this information for free and without reasoning. We respond as quickly as we can.

You may oppose the processing of your Personal Information at any time and withdraw the consent for processing your Personal Information that you left upon registration. The processing of already collected Personal Data may continue in accordance with this Privacy Policy, but the information may not be updated or supplemented. In addition to the above, you may request correction, blocking or deletion of your Personal Information at any time, which is incorrect. Please note, however, that if we are required by law to store your information, the data may not be deleted, but will only be blocked. If we can not process your Personal Information, we can not provide you with the Service.

You may also request that your personal information be disclosed in order to move them to another company.

If you have questions about the use of your Personal Data in the Service, this Privacy Policy, otherwise regarding the protection of your privacy or if you wish to delete your information, please contact us at or and we will act promptly.

Before we take action according to your wishes, we need to make sure that you are a sender, so if so, please enter your full name in your message and, if applicable, your address, username and email address used for registration. Note that you will sign your message for information about processing your personal information.


If a data leakage should occur, there are the necessary routines to inform authorities and users about this within 72 hours.


This section describes the use of Cookies and other technologies.

We collect information using technologies such as cookies and local storage (such as on your browser or device).

In this Privacy Policy, we use the term “cookies” for all technologies, including data and text items that we store in your browser or device.

A Cookie is a small text file stored on your computer, phone or other device when you visit a website. For example, cookies may help us recognize you next time you visit our website, but also enable us to offer a safer and more reliable service.

We use cookies for the following purposes:.

Cookies for analysis
We use Cookies for analysis as well as to measure how our services work, are demanded and used. The information we collect is used to maintain and improve the Service.

Third party cookies
We can also allow our partners and third parties offering services on our behalf to use Cookies in our services for the same purposes as described above, so to analyze how the Service is used.

Most browsers let the user choose how to handle Cookies. You can then set the browser to refuse to accept Cookies, or to delete some cookies.

If you choose to block Cookies, parts of the Service Functionality may deteriorate or disappear, as it assumes Cookies are allowed.


This Privacy Policy shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Swedish law, without the possibility to choose to apply it in accordance with the laws of other countries.

Disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with this Privacy Policy, or in case of a breach, termination or invalidity of these terms, shall ultimately be settled by the Swedish court, with the Stockholm District Court as the first instance, unless otherwise required.